Calsion Provided 5×750kW MTU Diesel Generators to Boao Forum Meeting Venue

On April 20th, 2007 the Boao Forum for Asia was held in Hainan. More than 1300 politicians, entrepreneurs and top academics from all over the world participated the conference to discuss about the sustainable and innovation development of the Asian economy.

As the supplier of Boao Forum of Asia, Calsion provided 5×750kW MTU engine powered diesel generators and the noise reduction project to the meeting venue.The generators features low noise, low emission and full automatic paralleling, which guarantee the meeting power supply requirement and safety. The generators is driven by the MTU engine, which has full-automatic synchronization control function. It can automatically adjust the running units numbers according to the load size, achieve accurate synchronization control and control load distribution. It is particularly suitable for senior hotel power supply requirement which different time have different power supply requirement.

Calsion Generator (Boao) Forum 2007

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