Featured by ultra-low noise, Calsion diesel generator sets provide a quiet environment for doctors and patients while supplying emergency power for operation room and ICU.

Advantage of Calsion Diesel Gensets
• 24-hour continuous working with rated power output;
• Ambient temperature is between -15°C and 50°C;
• Ultra-low noise provides a quiet environment for doctors and patients;
• Detection system is designed to protect against low oil pressure, overvoltage, over speed, overload, short-circuit, etc. These gensets can automatically shut down to ensure safety;
• ATS is available to automatically switch to generator sets after the mains fail;
• Mean time between failures: not less than 2000 hours;
• No load voltage of gensets is between 95% and 105% of rated voltage.

Project: Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Genset: 50HZ 788/500/713KVA super silent diesel generator
Customized options: super silent, low emission
Project: Kazakhstan Zhambyl Hospital
Genset: five 50HZ 56KVA silent generators
Customized options: heating system

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