Oilfield power failure can cause great loss, even just short-time failure. Power failure may lead to solidification and blockage of oil pipeline, and the oil well may have to shut down. Oilfields with heavy oil and high-pour-point crude oil rely heavily on reliable electricity supply. Grid supply of oilfields is always unstable, and is hard to adapt to the demanding requirements of high-altitude working conditions. Power failure always happens on account of bad weather or circuit troubles. In this way, oilfields need generator sets with high reliability and stable performance to support its operation.

Advantages of Generator Sets
• Parallel operation: two or more three-phase units with same specification can operate in parallel within the range of rated power.
• Run without power dissipation under 3,000m.
• Lower limit of ambient temperature is -40°C (auxiliary device is needed), and upper limit is 60°C.
• External refueling system is equipped and locking function is designed.
• Large fuel tank is required to meet 24-hour continuous operation.
• Up to 30,000 hours of time between overhauls.

Project: Saudi Arabian Oil Company
Genset: 60HZ 65/105/450KVA silent generator set
Customized options: sand-prevention filters

Project: Ecuador Oil Company
Genset: Two 60HZ 10.5KV 2050kW diesel generator sets
Customized options: Synchronization

Project: Sinosea Petro Group Co., Limited
Genset: One 50HZ 1200kW MTU diesel generator set

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