CM-MTU Diesel Engine
CC - Cummins Generator Set
CP - Perkins Diesel Engine
Open Type Generator Set
Silent Type Generator Set
Container Type Generator Set
Mobile Trailer Type Generator Set
Special Genset
High Voltage Generator Set
Lighting Tower Generator Set
Vehicle mounted Generator Set
Power Distribution System
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
Synchronization Panel


Our generator sets are divided into open, silent, container and mobile trailer type gensets. These industrial generator sets feature:
1. Uses well-known MTU, Perkins and Cummins engines.
2. Automatic control and convenient operation.
3. Noise is significantly reduced by using sound-absorbing materials.
4. Low exhaust emission that meets EU and EPA standards.
5. Automatic alarm system and leakage protection device of our commercial diesel generator set assist in improving safety.
6. Rubber shock absorber and spring shock absorber greatly improve the vibration-reducing performance of our industrial generator sets on rough pavement, enabling the machine to travel more steadily.

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